Carlsbad kids… Odd?

Just when you think that you  have the younger generations figured out, they go and do something totally unpredictable.

I am 41 and I have a “hobby” that gets me around town a lot.  So I see a lot of things and on any normal day I see the youth of today and just shake my head.  I think “did I do that, look like that, or act like that?  Now mind you I have nothing against kids and when I say kids I mean anyone under 25.  I am older now it is what it is …its OK you will get there too.  Their dress, Oh those baggy pants.  Their mannerism, gangsta and text talk really?  Then there is the general “I hate the world attitude”  OK that one I understand.

But the younger generation has an amazing ability to step right out into the light and surprise even the most cynical of us.  Best example that I can think of happened at Walmart.  My husband is an old grouch, love you honey but its true, and in a wheelchair.  When we go to Walmart he puts grouch on full force before we leave the house.  So there we are shopping and all I want to do is get done and get out.  I walk away to grab something and hubby decides he wants something that is 2 inches out of reach.  Mind you there is a group of teenagers, dressed in baggy black pants and skull tee-shirts with long hair and piercings of skulls and daggers and … you get the idea.  As I walk past I am thinking OH lord i can hear my husbands comments now.  So I hurry away to get back and find my husband surrounded by these kids.  They have not only gotten off the shelf what he was wanting but were sharing with him their piercings and my husband, the old grouch remember, says “Oh Yeah check this out” and shows them his gallbladder scar.  To which he receives “Oh COOL Dude.  They coulda put a piercing right there they already had a hole made.”

So I stand there out of sight while these “kids” and my husband carry on the most interesting conversation about piercings, tattoos, motorcycles, cars and life in general.  There I am leaning against the display of Mayo smiling like a mad woman while others shoppers walk past and look at me like I have lost my mind.  I didn’t have the heart to break up the fun.  Finally when the conversation turned to me and where was I, I walked back down the isle.  I was greeted with “Hello Mrs Porter.” and “Its nice to meet you Mrs Porter.” and “Mr Porter was just telling us about your hobby and it sounds amazing.” which of course started another conversation with all of us.

This was just one of the many wonderful surprise experiences we have had with young people.  They amaze us every time. There is no real moral or eye opening epiphany to this little tidbit.  But when your out there in the world don’t write off the younger crowd.  Just because you don’t understand their dress or manners.  There’s a lot of good kids out there and sometimes they just need you to look past the nose ring.